How to backup a PostgreSQL database with pg_dump from Hasura / Heroku instance

James Chen
2 min readJun 29, 2023

We needed to create a backup of our server, as I begin my transition away from the startup I’ve been working at for the past 2 years. I wanted others to know how simple it is to store a backup copy of your database.

We hopped on to Hasura’s partnership with Heroku and we were able to instantly set up a cloud server fully fitted out with a unified GraphQL and REST API in minutes. Now that option has since been discontinued and taken over by their new partner Neon instead.

At the end of this, you’ll have a .bak file which you can use pg_restore to reinstate to your new backend provider or just feel confident that your data is safely stored on your machine.

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Transfering PostgreSQL db from Heroku to Neon

I have to make a few revisions, the pg_restore command did not work. In our specific case we did not have to use pg_dump or pg_restore. We’re currently testing Hasura’s new partner Neon so this only applies if you are transferring your database from Heroku to Neon. We ran this command:

heroku pg:pull --app heroku-app-12345 postgresql-shape-12345 postgres://<neon-user>

This command directly transfers your PosgreSQL db on Heroku and uploads it to the PostgreSQL connection string at Neon

If you still want to know how to make a pg_dump, this snippet below this edit should still work for you

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Here are the steps to run a pg_dump backup:

  1. Run heroku login in the terminal
  2. Get the PostgreSQL connection string with the commandheroku config:get --app=APP_NAME
  3. Then just run pg_dump "postgres://<user>:<hostname>:<port>/<dbname>" --file=dumpfile.bak -Fc -Z 6 -v

Make sure to include the double quotes

See for more information

Finally, your file should be in the same folder called dumpfile.bak

If you ever need to fallback to this dump you can simply run pg_restore -d postgres://[user]:[password]@[hostname]/<dbname> -Fc --single-transaction dumpfile.bak.gz -c -v